Barnes Marine, Pickwick, TN

Barnes Marine Chooses Cortelco LED Lighting for business expansion

Tim Barnes (owner of Barnes Marine) approached Cortelco Led Lighting with questions about the LED lighting options that were available for his new building expansion at his Counce, Tennessee facility. Barnes Marine tore down part of the existing structure, and rebuilt it with a larger footprint and with taller ceilings.  They saved (10) 8 foot existing fixtures which previously had been equipped with 78 watt fluorescent tubes and wanted to re-use these fixtures, if possible. The expansion has a 25 foot ceiling and will be used as a paint room for boats and other watercraft.

Tim indicated that he wanted to do the installation with his own employees.  After considering the various options Cortelco Led Lighting presented, he decided to convert his existing fixtures to work with 8 foot “Direct Wire” T8 40 Watt LED tubes.

To accomplish this, a “retrofit kit” was required for each fixture.  Each kit contains four new connectors and two metal end pieces that the LED style 2-pin connectors “snap” into.  The metal end pieces are secured to the existing fixture using screws.

The choice of LED tubes over replacing fluorescent tubes offers several benefits.  With direct wire LED tubes, ballasts are no longer required.  The ballast is removed from the fixture during the installation and the AC power connections are wired directly to the end connectors of the tube.  This further reduces operating costs and removes an additional point of failure.  LED tubes are easier to handle during the installation and will not shatter if dropped.  As a matter of fact, one of the new tubes was dropped from a height of 25’ during the install.  The tube did not break and continued to work correctly after being dropped.  Finally, unlike fluorescent or compact fluorescent tubes, there are no harmful mercury gases inside an LED tube.

The new LED tubes carry a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.  However, assuming a work week of 60 hours, these LED tubes will not need to be replaced for over 15 years as the life expectancy of each tube is 50,000 hours.   Furthermore, by choosing LED tubes over the traditional fluorescent type, Barnes Marine will save 2280 kilowatts of power each year.  Based upon the direct energy savings and the reduced maintenance cost Barnes Marine will experience an ROI (Return on Investment) of roughly 18 months.

Barnes Marine is so happy with the improved lighting conditions and savings that resulted from converting to LED lighting in this portion of their facility that they plan to convert the rest of it to LED in the near future.