Corn Lamp 80 Watt to 100 Watt

Corn Lamp 80W - 100W

100W Corn Lamp Product Specification Sheet


  • The LED lamp is equipped with a 150lm/W Epistar chip 2835
  • Pure Aluminum 1070 for maximum heat dissipation
  • Driver sealed with a thermal resistant paste
  • Lower working temperature compared to other light sources
  • Transparent PC cover to protect the LEDs
  • IP64
  • Flame retardant material
  • Replacement for HPS(High Pressure Sodium), MHL(Metal Halide), HQL(Mercury Vapor Light), HID(High Intensity Discharge) and CFL(Compact Fluorecent Light) Lamps, applicable for enclosed lighting fixtures
  • UL Listed
  • 5 year warranty
Corn Lamp 80W

Cool White, 6500K, 12500 lumen, 80W, E40

Corn Lamp 80W

Warm White, 3000K, 11500 lumen, 80W, E40

Corn Lamp 100W

Cool White, 6500K, 15800 lumen, 100W, E40

Corn Lamp 100W

Warm White, 3000K, 14790 lumen, 100W, E40


  1. Read specification to insure environment matches the operating parameters
  2. Confirm that the lamp is using the proper power source before use
  3. Working temperature range: -4°F to 113°F
  4. Turn power switch off before connecting to the power in order to prevent electric shock
  5. Ignoring these instructions may damage your property or even cause harm to your person
  6. This product is not waterproof, must be used indoors